Free MP3 Download Sites | Best Websites to Download Music Online

Free MP3 Download Sites l Best Websites to Download Music Online – The utilities of the internet have made the world a smaller place. One can easily get access to any information across the globe by simply searching them in the internet platform.  The music world is no exception to this rule. People can now listen to international music via internet medium from their comfort zones.

Of late, it has been observed that the trend of downloading songs from all over the globe has witnessed a steep surge. This internet attribute has proved to be a boon for music lovers all over the world because using this they can listen to any music at any time of the day. They do not have to purchase CDS or DVDs for the same to listen to their favorite music. Also, as the internet medium is very easily accessible and enjoys a worldwide appeal, releasing music online gives the musicians the benefits to reach out to a global audience.

Free MP3 Download Sites | Best Websites to Download Music Online

Observing the tremendous demand of this trend, the market abounds in various types of websites by which a user can easily download their favorite music free of cost. But many times it has been observed that not all sites are genuine. Some of them provide very low-quality music while others many possess many spams which may badly affect the device of the user. Thus, it is a matter of grave concern and challenge to select the genuine website which provides high-quality music and is devoid of all kinds of virus, spam or malware.

Now if you are a music lover and want to download high-quality MP3 music for free, then you may opt for the following options.  All the below-mentioned websites have very good reviews and are among the best free music downloading websites of this year.

Free MP3 Download Sites


This is one of the most popular free websites for downloading MP3. This site has a wide range of collections from which music lovers can download their favorite music. In addition to this, it is a safe site from which a person can also listen to the music without even downloading them. Another important feature of this website is that its browsing speed is very fast and has a very friendly user interface. This will enable a user to enjoy a smooth browsing experience.


It is one of the top rated free MP3 downloading websites. It is best known for owning a huge number of song collection. A user can search songs in alphabetical order starting from A to Z. This website has a unique feature which displays the list of top music songs as well as recently downloaded songs.  One of the distinguishing features of this website is that it provides a huge database of lyrics from which a user can easily download the lyrics of his or her favorite songs.  Another important feature is that it can be operated from both PC and laptops. But to enjoy all these benefits, the only requirement is that a person needs to register him or herself to operate the website.

#3 MP3Box:

This is one of the safest websites to download free mp3 songs. One of the main features of this website is that it possesses high-level security attributes. To access this website, one has to download the client and after that install it in the device. After that, one must get registered in it by using an email id. The user will instantly receive the login information in the email id once the system is successfully launched. After completing the procedures, a user will get access to a huge number of song collections across the globe.

#4 SoundCloud:

This website is ideal for one who loves to keep himself or herself updated in the social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. Just with the click of the finger, a user can easily share his or favorite music in the social media. Also, this website allows its user to share music privately with their family and friends. Another important attribute of this website is that it allows its user to record or upload his or her favorite music online. But to avail all these facilities, one has to register himself or herself with the site.

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#5 is best known in the market for owning a very responsive website by meant of which a music lover can enjoy a smooth browsing experience. The website aids a user to download, view and listens to his or her favorite music. Also, it has the facility which allows the user to share his or her favorite online. One of the key reasons for its burgeoning popularity is that it has a very simple operational procedure. To enjoy the favorite songs, one can easily download than by clicking the “Download” option mentioned in the website.


Audiomack .com has emerged as one of the most popular free MP3 downloading websites in the market today. What distinguishes this brand from others in the market is that a user can create his or her personalized playlists apart from listening or downloading songs. In addition to this, one can also share the music on their blogs and social media by means of this website. Apart from this, the user of this website will get separate lists of top and most trending songs of the season on this website.

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#7 is one of the most sought after free MP3 downloading website in the market today.  One of the distinguishing features of this website is that the database of this website gets updated on daily basis. This attribute helps a user to keep a track of all latest happenings in the music world. Also, one can share his or her favorite music on their social media profiles or in personal blogs using this website. Another important feature of this website is that it has a huge collection of the database which is rich in international music. This enables a music lover to enjoy a variety of music free of cost.


By using this website, one can easily listen to stream songs as well as download high-quality free MP3 music. This website is very safe to use has a huge database of songs.

So music lovers can now soothe their souls simply by downloading their favorite songs from all over the world via all these above mentioned free and safe MP3 downloading websites.